Companion School

The first day of the conference is traditionally devoted to the companion school with tutorial lectures covering principal and highlight topics of the current XTOP. The lectures are aimed (not only) to students. 


The school will start on Sunday 4th September at 2 pm and finish on Monday 5th September at 1 pm. Dinner on Sunday and lunch on Monday are included. The conference follows directly the companion school on the Monday afternoon.


Three presentations, each of 80 minutes, will be given each day. The following lecturers will give a talk:

Dr. José Baruchel (ESRF): X-ray imaging methods

Dr. Stefan Carlson (MAX IV Laboratory): Tuneable photon energy methods

Dr. Ana Diaz (Paul Scherrer Institute): Phase sensitive methods

Dr. Cinzia Giannini (Instituto di Cristallografia CNR): Laboratory x-ray diffraction and scattering experiments

Dr. Cristian Mocuta (Synchrotron SOLEIL): Scanning methods and nanobeams

Prof. Sverker Werin (MAX IV Laboratory): Recent synchrotron radiation sources