List of posters

All abstracts intended for oral presentations and submitted till May 30 were evaluated by the Scientific Advisory Committee. Abstracts selected for oral presentations are listed in the List of talks, all others have been selected for poster presentation.

Abstracts submitted after May 30 go for poster presentation.
Note that if the Scientific Advisory Committee recognizes an abstract not fulfulling the quality for an XTOP contribution, we will contact the author directly.


List of accepted posters

Note: Poster size to be displayed is of format A0 portrait.

Below you find list of contributions accepted for poster presentation.


Poster Session A: Monday evening


 Benediktovitch A.  Misfit dislocation density determination at relaxation onset: reciprocal space map analysis of thin SiGe/Si layers
 Borcha M.  Full strain tensor determination in synthesized diamonds and diamonds films
 Borcha M.  Structure diagnostics of heterostructures and multilayered system by X-ray multiple diffraction
 Buttard D.  In-situ GISAXS investigation of thermal and solvent annealing of high-χ block copolymers
 Caha O.  X-ray diffraction study of topological insulator epitaxial thin films
 Cornelius T.  In situ piezoelectric studies of PZT thin films by X-Ray microdiffraction
 Durand A.  Fast and Accurate solution for in-line monitoring of strain field through High Resolution X-Ray Diffraction Reciprocal Space Mapping
 Feigl L.  Time-resolved in-situ X-ray investigations during growth of InxGa1-xAs core-shell nanowire structures
 Fernandez Herrero A.  Distinct palm-like diffuse sheets from lammellar gratings studied with small angle soft X-ray scattering
 Fodchuk I.  Defect and magnetic structure of Y2.95La0.05Fe5O12/Gd3Ga5O12 epitaxial systems
 Fodchuk I.  Defect structure of high-resistant CdTe crystals studied by high-resolution X-ray diffraction
 Frentrup M.  X-ray diffraction studies of cubic GaN epilayers grown on 3C-SiC/Si
 Gerlach A.  Structural Properties of Picene-Perfluoropentacene and Picene-Pentacene Blends: Superlattice Formation versus Limited Intermixing
 Gokhale M.  Grazing-incidence X-ray characterization of semiconductor nanowires
 Grenzer J.  In-situ synchrotron studies of dendrite growth in solidifying Ga–In alloys
 Grenzer J.  Structural changes across the metal-insulator transition in thin epitaxial VO2 films
 Haase A.  Characterization of sub-nanometer Cr/Sc multilayer systems for the water window
 Jakob J.  In-situ time-resolved XRD and RHEED study of the polytypism in GaAs nanowires
 Jiang J.  Structure of self-organized periodic silver dichromate rings in ultra thin film
 Jiang J.  Visualization of inhomogeneous layers and interfaces in ultra thin films by X-ray reflectivity
 Jones A.  Structure and Morphology of Thin Films of a BTBT Derivative: A Combined X-ray Reflectivity and AFM Study
 Ksenzov D.  Analyse the electron and spin density profiles of a multilayer structures using wavelet transform analysis of X-ray reflectivity data
 Lazarev S.  Influence of the applied voltage bias on the strain field in a single GaN nanowire revealed by 3D coherent X-ray diffraction
 Lazarev S.  Ultrafast melting of polystyrene colloidal crystals investigated in pump-probe experiments at x-ray free electron laser
 Lobach I.  Incorporation of interfacial roughness to recursion matrix formalism of dynamical x-ray diffraction in multilayers and superlattices
 Morelhao S.  X-ray dynamical diffraction in non-periodic layered materials with large d-spacing: application to Bi2Te3 films grown on BaF2 (111)
 Mostafavi Kashani S.  Thermal annealing and growth of a single GaAs nanowire studied by in-situ time-resolved x-ray diffraction
 Omote K.  Grazing Incidence X-Ray Small Angle Scattering for Determining Shape of Semiconductor Device Patterns
 Pfluger M.  From Periodic to Ordered Non-Periodic Nanostructures: GISAXS on Nanoimprinted Quasicrystals
 Piault P.  Numerical modelling of reflective multilayer based X-ray optics
 Roch T.  Structure of superconducting MgB2 thin films annealed in oxygen
 Roshchin B.  X-Ray Reflectometry and scattering study of the surface nanolayers on colloidal silica
 Rozbořil J.  In-situ X-ray diffraction annealing study on an anthradithiophene derivative
 Shalaby e.  Synthesis, crystal structure studies and validation using X-ray powder diffraction combined with DFT calculations of bioactive derivatives.
 Shcherbachev K.  The microstructure of Si surface layers after He+ plasma immersion ion implantation and subsequent annealing
 Stabrawa I.  Characterization of titanium and titanium (IV) oxide nanofilms with x-ray reflectometry and grazing incident x-ray diffraction
 Stangl J.  Si/GaP core-shell nanowires: towards direct band-gap group IV semiconductors
 Tholapi R.  Effect of indentation induced strain on epitaxial Fe layers
 Zaumseil P.  In-situ X-ray analysis of Nickel silicide formation
 Zaumseil P.  X-ray analysis of strained epitaxial layers in skew geometry
 Zaumseil P.  X-ray analysis of thermal strain release in Ge patches on Si pillars


Poster Session B: Tuesday evening


 Barchuk M.  XRD and TEM characterization of polar GaN layers grown by HTVPE on sapphire substrates
 Cejpek P.  Structure study of the shape memory alloy Ni2MnGa dopped with In
 Cichocka M.  Structure detremination of a complex zeolite by combining rotation electron diffraction, HRTEM and PXRD
 Cipiccia S.  Diamond Manchester beamline (I13-Imaging) at Diamond Light Source (DLS) – New Developments
 Dopita M.  Structural studies of the growth and orientation of M- and Y-type ferrites prepared by chemical solution deposition method
 Fodchuk I.  Long-range interaction of residual deformation fields in the X-ray triple-crystalline LLL-interferometer
 Fodchuk I.  Skew asymmetric arrangement of X-ray diffraction for structural diagnostics of multi-layer semiconductor materials
 Hrdý J.  The X-Ray Bi- and Multichromator – Theory and Alignment
 Huang X.  Performing high-resolution in-plane Bragg surface diffraction using multiple-beam diffraction
 Imai Y.  An automatic sample positioning system for nano-beam X-ray diffraction multi-scale mapping
 Jark W.  Complete characterisation of reflection grating properties by atomic force microscopy (AFM), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and grazing incidence X-ray fluorescence analysis (GIXRF)
 Kalasová D.  Phase contrast tomographic imaging of polymer composites
 Kantor I.  DanMAX – The Danish beamline for in situ materials studies at MAX IV.
 Kimura S.  High-resolution Micro- and Nano-beam Diffraction System at BL13XU of the SPring-8
 Korytár D.  Recent progress in design and technology of channel-cut monochromators
 Kubec A.  Achieving point and line focus using Multilayer Laue Lenses at ESRF beamline ID13
 Kubec A.  Multilayer Laue Lens fabrication at Fraunhofer IWS Dresden
 Lebugle M.  Highly efficient and tuneable silicon diffractive lenses for hard X-ray microdiffraction experiments
 Mikhalychev A.  Simulation of resolution effects in HRXRD by semi-analytical ray-tracing
 Mokso R.  Biomedical imaging at Max IV.
 Nadazdy P.  Optimization of channel-cut X-ray optics for high-throughput and high-resolution laboratory small-angle X-ray scattering experiments
 Niese S.  High precision X-ray multilayer mirrors for customized solutions
 Pernot P.  Automated, efficient and high-throughput data acquisition at the ESRF bioSAXS beamline BM29
 Podurets K.  Quantitative synchrotron topography application for crystals of grooved Si and ZnGeP2
 Puhr B.  Structure Analysis of Drug Delivery Systems with SAXS in the Laboratory
 Sakurai K.  Non-scanning X-ray fluorescence spectromicroscopy with a laboratory X-ray source
 Stoupin S.  Complementary data from photoemission in hard x-ray reflection experiments
 Stoupin S.  DTXRD - collection of software tools for evaluation of single crystals using x-ray diffraction
 Šmilauerová J.  Omega phase particles in Ti – 8.1 at.% Mo alloy studied by anomalous x-ray diffraction
 Takeya S.  Imaging and Density Estimation of Icy Materials under temperature-controlled conditions using Phase Contrast X-ray Computed Tomography
 Tomkowiak H.  Behavior of 2-mercaptobenzimidazole under high-pressure conditions
 Turchenko V.  Influence of high pressure and temperature on crystal structure of double perovskites
 Turchenko V.  The influence of Y and Ce ions to changes of crystal structure of zirconia oxides
 Turchenko V.  The refinement of atomic and magnetic structure of BaFe12–xInxO19 (x= 0.1 – 1.2) by neutron diffraction
 Wagner U.  Coherent Diffraction based Imaging at the Diamond Light Source by utilising I13’s unique Coherence Properties
 Zápražny Z.  High-quality active surfaces for X-ray crystal optics
 Zatko B.  First tests of X-ray imaging using pixel detectors base on semi-insulating GaAs
 Zolotov D.  Study of single dislocations by topo-tomography with X-ray laboratory set-up